Through sound and song, Eric's creative endeavors invite a visceral listening experience; A journey into a poetic portrayal of the natural world and the meaningfulness of human life.  Whether in the recording studio or on the stage, Eric draws from his balance of technical skills and musicality to create lush, beautiful and carefully crafted soundscapes and songs to provide a truly delightful experience of music.

Eric's offerings include performance of original music and songs, improvised live looping and soundscape sound journey creation, Sound engineer support for live events, Music lessons (including piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, general music theory, songwriting and much more)

With detailed experience as a sound engineer and being a trained musician/songwriter lend to his wonderful offering as a recording engineer and record producer; Inviting artists from near and far to record heartfelt and beautiful sounding recordings in the studio he has built in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA.